What is Infrared Therapy?

Personal Sauna

Enjoy a relaxing, fully customized sweat in the comfort of your own private room and individual sauna. MELT's saunas allow your head to stick out, avoiding any feelings of claustrophobia. If you become too hot, you can easily slide the lightweight top down to expose your arms and chest to cooler air (temperatures can be adjusted as well!). Enjoy your sweat, your way.  

Far Infrared

Far infrared solocarbon heaters use specific wavelengths on the IR spectrum to heat your body at the core, rather than on the skin's surface. Where traditional saunas heat the surrounding air, far infrared technology heats YOU for a deeper, healthier sweat. 

Ultra Low EMF Technology

Our Solocarbon heaters are the safest and most effective infrared heaters on the market. The heater design produces virtually no EMF, or electromagnetic fields, which can be harmful in large doses. At MELT Sauna Studio, you can relax and enjoy, worry-free, as you are in the safest sauna available.

Custom Comfort

Unlike traditional saunas, where the temperate is pre-set the same way for everyone, our saunas are fully customized to your needs and comfort level. Nine different settings and individualized zones allow you to target specific areas for a truly individualized experience. 

Better Sweat

When your body sweats, you sweat out numerous toxins...but not all sweats are created equal! A traditional sweat removes only 3-5% of toxins through the pores (traditional sweat = 95-97% water, 3-5% toxins) . Infrared Saunas can remove up to 20% toxins in a single sweat session (MELT sweat = 80% water, 20% toxins). The difference is that Infrared saunas heat deep in your core to expel toxins for a deeper, healthier sweat.

Doctor Recommended

Doctors, researchers and other medical professionals have endorsed infrared sauna therapy for a variety of conditions. Studies have shown regular infrared sauna use has proven to lower blood pressure, reduce joint and muscle pain, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease - to name just a few key benefits. For a full list of benefits, see below.



Getting a good sweat is good for you. Detoxification is important to support your body's immune and digestive systems. Infrared Saunas detoxify by heating the body, rather than the air around you, causing the body temperature to rise. This results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, expelling toxins from the body. 


Our Infrared Sauna Suites are private rooms with aromatherapy, custom lighting and soothing, tranquil music to promote a luxurious, comfortable session. Traditional saunas cause you to sweat using harsh, uncontrolled air. Infrared Sauna heats from the core out, keeping you comfortable and relaxed and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after each session.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that Infrared Saunas are 7x more effective at traditional saunas. In a single infrared sauna session you can burn up to 600 calories while relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. Since the infrared waves penetrate deep within the skin to heat the core, the body works to cool itself off. During your session you will feel your heart rate increase causing the body to burn more calories. It is common to feel as if you worked out after an infrared sauna session. 

Pain Relief

Infrared saunas provide a natural pain relief when infrared waves penetrate deep within tissue, joints and muscles. Infrared waves provide relief from minor aches to chronic pain. Patients suffering from a range of chronic conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, have found relief in infrared sauna therapy to decrease pain and muscle spasms and to speed up recovery time.

Lower Blood Pressure

Infrared saunas produce a deep sweat causing the heart to pump faster, thus increasing blood flow. Clinical research has proven regular infrared sauna use can lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

Improved Circulation

Infrared saunas heat deep within tissue and muscles to produce a sweat similar to an intense workout. By increasing heart rate, you can improve circulation to up to twice the normal rate with regular infrared sauna use.


Far infrared wavelengths penetrate deep within the dermis to detoxify skin, remove toxins and increase collagen production. In clinical studies, exposure to infrared improved the appearance of acne scarring, enhanced skin texture, and improved color of skin. 

Muscle Recovery

Infrared waves flush toxins out at the cell level, causing a deeper sweat with greater benefits. Removing toxins at a greater volume allows your muscles to relax and recover quicker. 

Immune System

Suffer from allergies or weaker immune system? Regular exposure to infrared saunas improves circulation, eliminates toxins and cleanses the circulatory system to improve immunity against bacteria, allergies, the flu, and infections. 

Stress Management

The moment you enter our infrared sauna pod you will be immediately surrounded by warmth and relaxation. Combine with aromatherapy and tranquil music in a private room, this 30-minute experience allows you to fully relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.